Putting an ebook together from scratch can be a hassle. Working with a designer can be incredibly expensive. Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was something in between? We at DaringTwo saw the need for beautifully predesigned ebook templates for bloggers and entrepreneurs that weren’t going to break the bank. 

It’s as easy as downloading one of our templates and customizing for your own taste. You simply drag and drop your images over our placeholders and writing your own text in the formatted space. What would have taken you days to design, write and format will now take a fraction of the time, time better spent growing your business. 

We update our designs every week so you if you don’t see anything that suits you just yet, come back next week for another look or even better, send us an email and offer a suggestion, you might inspire our next template!

Why hire a designer when you can take a shortcut and show your audience that you have impeccable taste at a fraction of the cost.