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Create more love, passion and connection with your partner with the Relationship Journal.

This journal is intended to be done every two weeks with your partner to help bring out your best self for your partner, assess the growth in your relationship and allow you to strengthen your connection with this special person in your life.

What takes a relationship from good to great is how well you're meeting your partner's needs and how well they are meeting yours. I know a relationship journal might sound a bit cheesy but it has honestly changed my connection with my partner immensely.

Great relationships are about how you can give more to your partner. The journal will assess how fulfilled your partner and your needs are in the relationship. This is based on Tony Robbins' 6 Human Needs and Dr. Gary D. Chapman Love Languages, along with some empowering questions for you and your partner to share.

Doing this journal may make you feel vulnerable but what comes out of it is positive growth. In order to make the most of this journal, both partners have to be willing to work together towards a stronger relationship.

Relationship Journal

  • This listing is a digital (print at home) document containing:

    • Relationship Journal Info Guide - We will go through the whole journal and explain the importances behind each exercise.
    • Be + Do Exercise Sheet: My Musts & Action Plan
    • Relationship Journal Worksheet: My Needs, My Love Language & Questions SheetsEverything included can be seen above in the images.


    Everything included can be seen above in the images.


    How to use the Relationship Journal:
    You will receive a link immediately after confirmation of your purchase. This kit have fillable* components which allows fields to be filled out easily on your computer with Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat or Preview. 

    However you are welcome to print this kit at home and complete worksheets by hand if you prefer to have a physical copy. Since it is a digital file you may use this kit as many times as your heart desires.

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