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Here's a Daily To-Do's, Goal Setting, Day planner whatever you would like to call it is inspired by the oh so inspirational Tony Robbins. He RPM method stand for Rapid Planning Method or Results, Purpose and Massive Action Plan.

I find this method super effective when it comes to trying to plan day to day task that will lead to achieving your big monthly/yearly goal.

Firstly is "Result": What is the desired outcome and when is the deadline for it.

Secondly comes the "Purpose" your Why. What's your reason to why this result is important and why it is a non-negotiable goal to you. Listing your purpose is so important, it will give you the drive and your vision to complete your Actions.

Thirdly is your "Massive Action Plan" what are three things you can do today that will lead you closer to your results.

I like to focus on 4 areas in a day give or take so maybe a Fitness Goal, a Business/Work Goal, a Mental Health/Gratitude Goal, a Assignment/Exam Goal but you choose whatever goals you want. I usually print two of these pages out for the day, fill it out the night before and read them first thing in the morning.

My Life Plan Kit

  • This listing is a digital (print at home) document containing:

    • Dream Life Planning Sheets:
      - Physical Body
      - Mind + Emotion
      - Relationship
      - Career/Business
      - Finances
      - Social (Family, Friends, Fun)
      - Spiritual
    • Be, Do, Have Sheet
    • My Ideal Day Sheet

    (In color & Ink Friendly Version)

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