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Let me ask you this simple question, how do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Are you jumping out of bed excited, happy and grateful? 


What if i said that you could wake up everyday with a smile, excited to live out life, work towards your goals and dreams!

Well you'd tell me that anyone doing that is clearly insane.

What if I said that large majority of people wake up to their alarm hoping it was wrong and they had more time to sleep. They then proceed to groan feeling either stressed, pissed off, unhappy and that's only in the first few seconds of the day. They then proceed to reach for their phones, still half asleep, to turn off the alarm. The first instinct of the day is then to scroll mindlessly through social media to feel anything that will distract them from these underlying negative feelings that seem to have popped out of no where, the moment they opened their eyes.

Well you'd say - “Yeah i'd believe that."

How have we come to the point that we accept that this is more of a realistic way to wake up. Yeah, it's normal to feel like crap in the morning.

Maybe because we've had our fair share of these kind of morning blues?

Or maybe it's one of those rare mornings we wake up feeling good or even ok, we proceed to check our email to find something has gone wrong at the office you need to fix it
OR we turn on the tv or read the newspaper and something sparks anger or guilt.
Or even we go to get or coffee and the cashier is not as nice as we hoped and then "ruins the morning"

This is because we are in a reactive state. Now how do we combat that? By being proactive. Being proactive is taking charge of how you choose to feel, consciously creating how you want the day to unfold, as oppose to just reacting to the demands of outside forces.

I too, thought this was a normal way to wake up, feeling these negative emotions and push them down each morning. That changed after techniques I have learnt through Tony Robbins, Stefan Pylarinos and other outstanding online mentors. Now I want to share this with you through this Master the Morning Kit.

The daily Master the Morning worksheet help condition you to be in your prime state each morning. “If you want to have a prime life you need to be in a prime state” - Tony Robbins

But is this possible for me?
YES! because whatever we do consistently and with passion, becomes us. We're training our emotional muscles. How do you think you got to the point of waking up feeling similar emotions every morning? Because you unconsciously trained yourself. Now it’s on pilot. You’re alarm goes off and your brain knows exactly how to feel. 

So let’s change that! 

Master the Morning Kit


    This listing is a digital (print at home) document containing:

    • Information Guide - This explain the reason behind every step in the Daily Worksheets
    • Simple daily worksheets that can be easily completed everyday to transform you into your prime self each morning. The PDF file has 31 Days worth of worksheets which the file can be re-used every month. The PDF cover allows you to date your workbook so you can easily archive each booklet once it is complete. 
    • 30 Day Challenge - 30 Day Tracker, 30 Day Mood Tracker. Rapidly create new behaviors, habits and self beliefs by consistently priming yourself every morning for 30 days
    • 6 x Card Templates to write your own affirmations/incantations.

    Everything included can be seen above in the images.


    How to use the Master the Morning Kit:
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    However you are welcome to print this kit at home and complete worksheets by hand if you prefer to have a physical copy. Since it is a digital file you may use this kit as many times as your heart desires.



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    • Letter - Print Version (Color + Ink Friendly) {8.5" x 11"}

    * Fillable means you can type in the fields right on your computer using adobe reader which is a free program, no fuss of printing, instant use!



    • PDF

    Start working towards a better you today!
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