Instagram Stories & Posts

Ever wonder how the top influencers manage to have their feeds look so inviting? Instagram graphics are an important part of promoting your brand and a creative way to connect with your audience. 


Story Icons 

Appear professional, established and knowledgeable by setting up Instagram stories using icons to organise and categorize your posts. 


Pinterest Templates

One of the most underrated platforms for marketing a brand. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest posts have an unlimited shelf life. Your content actually grows over time as more people pin and share across their boards. By linking your website and products to your posts, you can create a great source of traffic. 


Social Media Banner Templates

Have a presence across all social media platforms using brand banners which build your credibility and reach across platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and your blog. 

G1 • Social Media Template


    • Microsoft Powerpoint
    • Apple Keynote

    Templates will NOT work with Google Slides, Canva or Adobe Creative Suite Programs.


    • 5 × Instagram stories

    • 14 × Instagram story icon

    • 5 × Pinterest

    • 11 × Square Social Media

    • 2 × Youtube Banner

    • Youtube end slate

    • Twitter Banner

    • Facebook group banner

    Everything is editable in both Keynote & Microsoft Powerpoint


    • REFUND POLICY: Due to the digital nature of this listing, no refunds can be issued. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.
    • You are free to sell and distribute your finished product (JPEG/PDF) however you wish. Fonts included are free for commercial use.
    • Distributing, sharing, altering, selling the Powerpoint/Keynote template itself in whole or parts is strictly prohibited.
    • Only editable with Microsoft Powerpoint + Keynote. Templates will NOT work with Google Slides, Canva or Adobe Creative Suite Programs.