Ever wanted to create your very own online fitness brand? 

If you have a passion for fitness and have a desire to coach and inspire others maybe it's time to make that happen.

The Online Fitness Business Kit provides you with the templates you need to establish yourself as a premium online fitness brand virtually overnight!

This digital download will help you overcome one of the biggest hurdles of starting your business in the fitness world, having a branding team to supply to you with the right tools. 



Ebook Template 
These are your entry level products. Ebooks serve a variety of purposes. You can sell them as a stand alone product or even as a free promotional tool which can be offered for free to build an email list and market your brand. 

Slides & Course Template
This is your premium product. You can inform and offer solutions to problems your audience may be facing through training and coaching courses. Some topics you might consider exploring could be mindset, mobility, workouts, goal setting or anything you feel you have to offer. This pairs well with the workbooks and worksheets. 

Workbooks & Worksheet Templates
These are additional resources to help your clients through courses and programs. Your workbook is like a textbook, full of information and mainly text based. Worksheets on the other hand are exercises and questions that your audience can go through to let the information sink in.. 

Instagram Graphics
Ever wonder how the top influencers manage to have their feeds look so inviting? Instagram graphics are an important part of promoting your brand and a creative way to connect with your audience. 

Story Icons 
Appear professional, established and knowledgeable by setting up Instagram stories using icons to organise and categorize your posts. 

Pinterest Templates
One of the most underrated platforms for marketing a brand. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest posts have an unlimited shelf life. Your content actually grows overtime as more people pin and share across their boards. By linking your website and products to your posts, you can create a great source of traffic. 

Social Media Banner Templates
Have a presence across all social media platforms using brand banners which build your credibility and reach across platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and your blog. 

G1 Online Fitness Business Kit