Why It Is More Important to Focus on the Journey Rather Than the Destination

It is not uncommon when you are in business and have a goal in mind that you just want to get there and taste that achievement. You can become so impatient that you lose sight of where you are going meaning the failures and setbacks can be that much more painful. The problem you are facing is that you are losing grip on where you are, the most important part of where you are going.

Too many of us are more focused on the goal rather than the actual steps towards achieving that goal. We become more concerned about having it than actually putting in the action and this can create anxiety or fear of failure because we feel that we cannot feel happy until that goal is met, this is a dire misunderstanding.

Obsessively thinking about your goal can cause many problems which will actually affect your results and cause your performance to drop. Keep in mind, your goal depends on your actions in the present, your results will come from putting in your best effort each step of the way.

In order to find yourself closer to your vision, put in your best work now and you will find that it is not only more satisfying but also that your vision may morph over time as you start to find your strengths and weaknesses.

You can always have the destination in mind but you should never attach any negative feelings to it. What I mean by this is, if you feel impatient or dissatisfied that you are not there yet, you will suffer and so will your actions. Have your goal in mind and love every step of the way. Use the end result to garner enthusiasm and passion which will translate over to your individual tasks.

Your vision is simply an idea in your mind about how the journey will finish or progress. It does not exist and as strange as it sounds, it probably never will. No i’m not saying this to discourage you I am simply pointing out the fact that your end vision is just an idea in your head of how your business or lifestyle should end up. It should not define you. Instead, your actions joined together will form the idea over time. This may or may not look quite like your vision but if you put in your best effort every day and feel good about each tasks you completed, the end result will be far greater than you could even imagine and this is what you need to keep in mind along your journey.

Sometimes looking too far into the future can make you feel dissatisfied with where you are or even anxious that you aren’t moving fast enough. Both of these will be detrimental to your success and your performance meaning you will be even further removed from where you want to be. Instead, feel the joy that comes from doing what you love and your results will eventually reveal themselves in ways you never expected.