Unhappy at Work? Time to Plan Your Escape

Updated: Apr 20

Are you happy with what you are currently doing for work or is it starting to feel more like an endless grind, never quite getting ahead? It would be no surprise if you were to tell me that you felt unfulfilled or even unhappy with your current job. In fact, depending on the poll you take a look at, anywhere from 52% to 81% of Americans consider themselves not satisfied with their current place of employment which when you think about it is way too many.

Really think about it. You have anywhere from half of all people up to three quarters who consider their working life not all it’s cracked up to be. This majority of people are continuing going to a job they don’t enjoy day in, day out for a paycheck to do what? To continue working that job they don’t even like. What kind of life is that?

If you can confidently say that you fit somewhere in that statistic, it’s time you really consider your options. Now you need to be careful when mulling over your working life because it can cause anxieties to creep in real fast especially when you think about all the things that you would much rather be doing.

Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?

I know this is something that hit me hard when I discovered that working underneath someone, especially in a corporate setting, was slowly killing me. I was depressed, out of shape and every single day I felt as though my life was being mapped out without me having any real say in it, instead I just had to go along with it. It was terrifying.

If you are feeling anything close to what I was feeling, you may not even be able to see those opportunities right in front of you. You see, when you start considering alternatives to the life you are currently living, you start to see little coincidences pop up, opportunities that are offered to you and bright ideas sparking in your head. The trick here is to start taking action. Don’t make the mistake of trying to figure out the whole grand plan, this is how we scare ourselves out of it. Instead, do something, anything!

You are probably screaming back at me saying “Well that’s all well and good, but I have bills to pay, a family to feed and a career to build. I can’t just up and leave to follow my dreams”. Sounds pretty familiar doesn’t it? Almost like a cliche. That’s the thing though, EVERYONE says this to themselves and this is what keeps us all trapped in that little cage, never truly taking on the world the way we have always dreamt of doing. We don’t want to rock the boat because we fear the unknown but I have news for you - Nothing is mapped out for you, nothing is guaranteed. You feel safe doing the same old routine, you may hate it and it may be slowly killing you but you feel comfortable doing it because it requires no creativity, no effort, no straining the brain to figure out what your next move is. So you settle Does it feel good? Nope. This is how you got into this mess in the first place and nothing is going to change until you are ready.

Making the Right Moves

What exactly is your next step then? Does it really matter? Well, yes and no. You most likely have everything you need right now to start bringing you down the right path, whichever that dream of yours may be. Do you want to travel more? Start looking at destinations that have been on your list for a while. Look at the accomodation, flights, things to do. Want to find a new way to make money, there are many ways you can earn income without even having to set aside time outside your day, take a look at our resources to help you build an online passive income project. Even if you are a little lost on how to do this, start researching and you will soon find yourself much deeper into a world you had no idea about just a week ago. It all starts somewhere.

Never accept that you are not ready to take these next steps, because if you really believe it then that is all the progress you will ever make. At some point you need to say enough is enough, I am tired of this life and I want to know what is on the other side of the fence. Come join us and start living the way you truly wanted, free from drudgery of corporate life or dead end minimum wage gigs that just keep your current life dragging out even further. Create your own life by taking that next step to learn a new skill, invest in a new project and have a really awesome time doing it.