Try This to Unlock Your Flow State and Overcome Resistance in Your Business to Superhuman Motivation

Updated: Apr 20

We have all been there. We have a dream, a vision and a determination to have a successful business that not only pays the bills but also gives us a life of abundance. You know exactly what you need to do, have a long list of to-dos planned out and after a cup of coffee it is time to get started.

Maybe you will go through emails first, get that out of the way. After spending more time than you should going through nonsense emails, you decide it is now time to tackle the big stuff...maybe when the clock hits 10 even. You missed it by five minutes? Maybe it is better to start at 10:30, maybe we will do a bit more research in the meantime. Research then turns to an hour of YouTube and next thing you are learning about how the Earth is actually hollow. How did this happen?!

Resistance is something we all go through. Yes everybody. Some may feel it more than others towards certain tasks but even those at the very top of their game go through periods where they may not be achieving what they set out to achieve at the start of the day. Let’s take a look at what causes it and how you can take steps towards removing those blocks and having record breaking days of productivity.

Resistance is created when we have a negative attitude towards the task we are set on completing. It may be subtle or you might know exactly why you don’t want to get started. The sole cause of this negativity is fear. This might sound a little weird, what could you possibly be afraid of? To understand fear we must first know what fear is.

Fear is the anticipation of negative results or to put it very simple, there is an outcome that we don’t want. When we take on these tasks, we know they are incredibly important. This in turn then terrifies us. We don’t want to do anything wrong or fail to meet our own expectations and therefore it sometimes feels better not doing the task at all.

Now you might think to yourself that you aren’t afraid of anything, that you truly want to complete these tasks yet you just can’t focus. This is where fear takes a different approach. Fear can be hidden deeply in our subconscious to the point where we can’t even shine a spotlight on it. So how can we remove this fear to keep moving forward.

Our subconscious is built throughout the years of our lives as we learn and grow. It shapes our identity and who we think we are. This is where it gets interesting. What happens when we decide we want to become someone new? When we want to build a business and live a lifestyle that is on our own terms and having that to-do list is the blueprint to get there. Our subconscious feels that this is out of character for us. We get so used to running those same patterns and when we have our sights set on change our subconscious feels like we are giving up part of ourselves, something very important so it overwhelms you with resistance and negative thoughts.

What happens then is that we chose to take our time on certain tasks, sabotage them or simply not do them at all. We feel a sense of comfort by doing this because we are keeping our subconscious selves intact. So how can we break this curse?

It is important to remember that a majority of our thoughts are programs written over the years and we are simply getting feedback on the world around us based on our beliefs. In order to overcome this programming, we simply have to turn down the volume. Our thoughts are going almost non stop every single day and we sure love to listen to them. What happens when we don’t? Would we fall apart in a heap and not get anything done? It’s actually the opposite.

By overcoming our thoughts and letting them just pass through, we are actually able to make progress of tasks that we would normally resist because we would buy into those thoughts and feelings that say that doing this task would be the most uncomfortable thing in the world. We are able to instantly make the decision to start and by not giving power to the mind, there is very little it can do to do stop you.

So rather than listening to yourself talk and be bossed around by the little you inside your head, just get to work and see what happens. More often than not, the thoughts will quieten themselves down once they realize that they have no power, you were going to do the tasks whether they want you to or not. With enough practice, you can do this more and more throughout the day and will start to find yourself changing as a person for the better. You become more motivated and productive, procrastinating less. The important thing to keep in mind is do more, think less. Use your head when you need to by all means but don’t let it use you!