Never overlook the power of social media as a freelancer.

Updated: Apr 20

How are you connecting with your audience? Most freelancers overlook social media as a platform for their work simply because they have no clue where to even begin. Perhaps you feel that your niche doesn’t really transfer over to social media very well. This is a fundamental mistake that so many freelancers make. It can really hold you back and prevent you from breaking through. Before you step up onto the social media stage you need to ask yourself one powerful question…

What is my goal as a freelancer?

This might sound a little cheesy but it is so important to ask yourself this. You don’t have to say goal if it feels a little redundant. Instead ask yourself what is your end game. Where are you trying to get to? If this makes you feel a bit uncomfortable that is probably because you have never asked yourself this before. This is exactly why you need to make this inquiry because the answer can be empowering and put you on the right path.

Is your goal to help 1,000 people? Is it to make $1 million? Do you want to create a recurring revenue stream to become financially independent? Is it as simple as just working for yourself and making ends meet week to week?

Whatever your goal is as a freelancer, social media can be leveraged to help get you there much quicker. Social media doesn’t have to be some cringey page where you share memes relating to your job to rack up followers for no apparent reason. Instead, you need to align your effort on social media to what you are hoping to achieve. Going back to that goal of yours...if you wanted to help more people with what you know, start sharing helpful content. I don’t just mean resharing random content you find on competitors pages. I am talking about genuine, original content that you created with the purpose of helping someone (your target audience) solve a specific problem you know they are facing. This will lead to a far greater compounding effect than if you were just sharing random memes.

What if your goal is to make $1 million. It is safe to say this would be an ambitious goal for plenty of freelancers out there. After all, it is unlikely you are simply working out of the goodness of your heart. We all want to get paid so it makes sense that you set a benchmark for your success. Here you need to think a little more technical about how social media will help you achieve this goal. Where does this $1 million come from? Is it from paying clients? Did you create a product that you are flogging through your social media? Do you have a highly influential social media account and get paid by others to feature their posts? Maybe it is a combination of all the above.

The truth is that $1 million comes from providing value. Value in the work you do for your clients, the value in the products people purchase from your brand and value from the reach your page offers to guest posters and affiliates. The next step is to decide how you create this value.

Essentially what you want to do is create a value vacuum. This is where you are providing more value than you are receiving in terms of compensation. To keep it simple...I’m talking about free and helpful content again. This is where the value is. This is how you can connect your social media to a larger audience. This is how your high paying clients will be able to see that you are an expert in your field and this is how your audience will be able to see your products can help solve their problems.

By providing value in a vacuum, you are exchanging your time, knowledge and expertise for something other than monetary gain. This doesn’t mean you are not getting paid. Value can be exchanged in more than just fiat currency. The most likely exchange will be through fans and followers, likes and shares. Never overlook the value of these metrics. While they may not represent much in dollar terms, they are instrumental in the growth of your business.