How to create more opportunities as a freelancer

Freelancing isn't just about the connections you make with clients. While this is a big portion of what you do, there are many other ways you can create opportunities. What is an opportunity? It could be anything that helps make your business better. This could be higher income, more brand awareness, better connections with people in your industry even to more personal lifestyle choices like travelling abroad or working less hours in a week. Here are just some of the ways you can create more opportunities for your freelance business.

1. Find ways to automate tasks in your freelance business

If you're a freelancer and you don't have systems to help you with your tasks, it can be very difficult to maintain a job-like schedule that clients expect and your life. Freelancers can often neglect their business because of the personal responsibilities that come with it. Here's where the automation of some of these tasks can come into play. Pay bills online through your bank, file your tax return online, use software like Toggl or Wufoo to track and manage your time and other freelance tasks like invoicing, client communication and more. With a little bit of research, you can find ways to automate tasks that will help make your life easier as a freelancer.

2. Get more exposure on social media

Getting into business with a network can be a real asset to your freelance business. There are many opportunities out there. Just look at the influencers and YouTubers. You could try to get involved with one of these networks, or even start your own or join one. Maybe you can become a guest blogger on a reputable blog. Whatever the scale, social media will give you a platform and direct contacts to help you reach more people than if you tried to promote yourself.

3. Create passive income products

As a freelancer, you'll likely find your work hard to get. However, your focus and work ethic will pay off in the future. You can get a passive income by having a side hustle, a small income that you can then share with your family. Create something that's always there, such as your blog, which can be your guaranteed income for the year. Another way to increase revenue is by upselling. For example, if you are selling photos for money, if you can upsell them to donating them to a charity or have a gallery of images they can look at instead, your client will be more likely to buy. It's always a good idea to have a range of products and services you can offer.

4. Learn from your network

First and foremost, have you tried to make the most of your own network? You know, that group of people who either know you personally or are within your social network? The more clients you have, the more opportunities you are able to create. Take the time to build relationships with people that can be helpful to you. Learn about their brands, networks and businesses. Ask them for business advice. Join them for meetings, weddings, conferences and more. After all, that is how you will create more opportunities for yourself.

5. Partner with other businesses

Partnering with other businesses that can help you grow or improve your business in some way is one way of creating opportunities for your freelance business. You could even be a part of a bigger organisation. Collaborating with a large organisation could give you more exposure and the opportunity to gain new clients.

6. Get creative with your content

You should always be creating new content to keep your audience interested and engaged. However, your content needs to be engaging. For example, the kind of content you create might not only be about how to do something but also about why you believe in doing it or the other key details. This will make sure that your audience is intrigued and ready to go for your services or goods. It also helps to have a focus on what you create. It would also help if you think about creating unique pieces of content and sharing them with your audience. Another out of box idea might be to set up a forum. A forum is another way to create opportunities. This could be an online community forum for your target audience.