How This Simple Mindset Technique Can Make Your Business an Overnight Success

Updated: Apr 20

What occupies your mind when you are in work mode? What about when you are out and about, are you still thinking about your business? It’s no secret that focus is important when building a business but what exactly do we mean by that? When I talk about focus, I don’t necessarily mean sitting for 5 hours straight while working on the same task. I don’t mean getting distracted by Facebook when you should be doing something else either.

When I talk about focus, I mean what sticks in your mind throughout the day, whether you are working or not. Focus can then be thought of as what you give your attention to and how much attention day to day. For some of us, our focus is on our families and how we are doing this all for them. For other people, myself including, it is about reaching financial freedom to spend my time the way I want.

Now here is the catch. Our focus determines where our attention is and where our attention is will determine what is on our mind most of the time. This would be great if we were the master of our own thoughts but for so many of us, our thoughts run wild. We want to build a business and achieve success over our finances but we often look at the wrong picture. We look at our far we need to go to get there. We look at our setback and challenges that stand in the way and make it look so much harder. If we are focusing so much on what we don’t want, our attention will be set to see these messages more often and our mind will be awash with stress and problems that half the time aren’t even there.

Here is the fun part, it doesn’t even have to be this way. We can give our attention to those things that we really want and our world will change in more ways than you can imagine. By looking at your successes, achievements and the progress towards your vision, you will not only feel more gratitude but also those negative images that often times steal our attention, will start to fade away. Our mind likes to give us more of what we find interesting. This doesn’t translate to what we enjoy or like to see but rather, what we find worthy of our attention.

For example, you feel as though building a business is difficult or you are not cut out for it, you will start to see results that correlate this belief. You are giving your attention to failure, struggle and difficulty and your mind understands that this is what you are finding worthy of your attention and your thoughts will be in line with this, keeping you in a painful cycle. We have all been here. You probably felt a resistance to this attitude as in you want to put that image in the back of your mind but the trap here is that resistance is a form of attention. You are still attaching labels to things you don’t want, keeping them alive in your focus.

To overcome this vicious pattern of doubt, fear and resistance, you simply need to remove the power behind these thoughts. They will come up, especially if you have been keeping them around for so long to the point where they are so intense, you feel you can’t live without it. Instead, when the thought comes up, don’t give it any focus. Instead, imagine the thought as an unpleasant view such as litter in a park, you don’t want to have to stare at it otherwise it will ruin the beauty of the gardens around you. Look away and refocus your attention on something else. It might take some time but this simple task can truly change your life in more ways than you can comprehend.