How Having the Right Vision Keeps You on the Path of Success

When you think of success what comes into your mind? Most of us want success but not many of us are able to define it. Even worse, for some of us, we feel the idea of success is forever out of reach. When it comes to running your own business, success is a crucial factor in keeping the gears turning and breaking through to scalability.

Before even laying the groundwork for your business, you absolutely need a vision statement. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or impressive to anyone other than yourself. For you, it needs to be the driving force behind your passion and enthusiasm for your work. If you don’t have that, then you probably don’t have the right vision, so let’s work on that.

Your vision is the end result of your efforts. It is important to balance short term visions and long term visions to ensure you are sticking to the right path. Having a long term vision alone can feel overwhelming and sometimes disheartening if you can’t see tangible results or don’t seem to be getting any closer to your goals. Short term visions on their own can feel a little fruitless and lack purpose if they don’t add up to a big picture.

Your vision should therefore include the best possible scenario for your business as well as your lifestyle. You should be able to see all the perks and have a feeling that accompanies your vision. This feeling can then be applied to your short term goals, providing you with a sense of satisfaction every step of the way.

Success should never be thought of as an end result. The reason being is that you could forever be chasing the idea of success while your life improves but never achieve that feeling because there is no one point you reach that says “success”. Instead, you should think of success as an ongoing journey. Success is achieving those small goals as well as working towards the big picture. You should feel success each and every day. This might feel uncomfortable at first, especially if you feel as though you are just beginning and have not much to show for it. This is why you need to reframe your idea of success.

When you think of a successful person, what do you see? Probably a nice house, luxury car, plenty of money in the bank, confidence and the latest fashion. For the person living a successful life they would have a much different view of success. For them success is a mindset. It is the feeling that keeps them motivated and driven to achieve. It is the means not the end. It is the pathway not the result. With this in mind, would you not be able to harness the power of success right now? The answer is absolutely!

Have that image in your head of what a successful you looks like. They are wearing the latest clothes, driving the impressive car and most important of all they look and feel amazing. You can have that feeling right now. Step away from mindset that you NEED to achieve something to have success and feel that you need to have success (the feeling) to achieve something, be that person in your vision and your results will speak for themselves.