Adam Horwitz: From Dream Car to Dream Life

Updated: Apr 20

Very few stories of online business success are as memorable and inspirational as that of Adam Horwitz. The 26 year old entrepreneur has built a steady social media following simply by living his best life. Could you imagine travelling six months out of the year to exotic locations around the world?

Ditching the 9 to 5, working on your own terms and following your passion is the afterglow that comes from binge watching the WOLVES channel on YouTube which Adam has uploaded consistently to since late 2016.

It isn’t just the hundreds of thousands of subscribers across the WOLVES social media account that have taken notice of Adam’s unique style and message, Adam was named by Empact100 as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the United States, earning him a flight out to the White House before he was even 25!

These days Adam works with large corporations and businesses to assist them in online marketing and brand development. This is just one of many businesses that Adam has been directing, enabling him to live a lifestyle that would be the envy of even the most well paid professionals.

Let’s take a step back for a moment and take a glimpse into the story behind what turned Adam from a bored teenager into a social media powerhouse, delivering content that inspires creatives and entrepreneurs across the globe.

Adam (Right) with Gary Vaynerchuk (Middle)

Adam spoke of his early ventures, beginning at age 15 with a desire for more. It’s the typical story of every entrepreneur, they see a way to make things better not just for them but for others. In this case, like any high school student, Adam wanted to make a good impression with the kids at school and impress the ladies. How does a 15 year old make this happen? By having a cool car.

Adam’s choice was a brand new Range Rover which he was in no position to afford so he committed himself to making it happen. This lead to an interest in business and marketing, in many ways absorbing the marketing and self development podcasts his father would listen to on the car ride to school.

From there, Adam developed a plan. In 2008, mobile marketing was just in its infancy. Cell phones had only just broken through to the mainstream market and there was a large untapped potential for brands to advertise directly to consumers. Enter mobile monopoly.

Adam created a system which allowed mobile advertisers to attract leads which could then be stored for future advertisements, making commissions on any sales that came through his marketing. Word soon spread of the potential for big money and some of Adam’s father's business associates wanted a slice of the pie. Adam, being like any 15 year old, was not particularly interested in training multiple people to use his system so instead, he built a course around mobile marketing and this became known as Mobile Monopoly.

The course was Adam’s largest automated product and became a success, providing him with financial stability and eventually enough cash to purchase that brand new Range Rover. These days, Adam has more ventures than you could count, knowing full well the advantages of automation and multiple income streams.

When asked what was the greatest key to his success, Adam responded “Align your motivations to your goals and have that be what fulfills you.” This is basically saying that if you want something, you must really want it. You must make sure that you are motivated through actions that will you closer to your goals. When you have achieved those goals, you will feel a sense of fulfillment that will motivate you further.

What can we learn from Adam’s story? Sometimes we get so caught up in the big picture of what we want to achieve. It could be financial independence, a business that generates millions in revenue or it could be the freedom to travel whenever and wherever we want. The problem here is that we don’t actually know what we want half the time. Something as vague as a big house or a million dollars in the bank isn’t enough to motivate us because we never truly believe we can get these things or that they are really for us.

By having something specific and definite in mind such as the Range Rover or a very specific house, even a destination that we would like to travel to, we are able to align our motivations to meeting these goals. You will find that extra money saved, goes straight to the goal rather than just a big night out and our actions will have results that get us that little bit closer. Just pick what you want more than anything and go after it, be fulfilled by your achievement and never accept anything less.

Image sources: @adamhorwitz