Keynote ebook tutorial. 

Follow along to customize your ebook

So you have downloaded your template.

Not sure where to begin? Well lets start here.


Step 1. How to access and download your file.

1. Once your payment has confirmed you will recieved a download link with a PDF. 2. Click on Link attached 3. Enter password (in UPPERCASE). We send you a dropbox link to ensure you always will have the most up to date version of your template.
--------------------------------- 4. Click on the link to download your files. You NEED read me first to install fonts.

File ending in:
.pptx = microsoft powerpoint template
.key = apple keynote template If it loads this page:
Click download > Direct Download --------------------------------- Please save your files somewhere safe on your computer

Step 2. Installing Fonts - Do not open ebook template beforehand.

BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR EBOOK TEMPLATE The first thing you want to do before you open your ebook template is install the fonts listed in in the PDF '► READ ME FIRST - INTALL FONTS'. If you don't install the fonts first the design will not load properly when you open the file.

Please click on links shown in green below. Then download free font from website. ONCE FONTS ARE CORRECTLY INSTALLED it's time to get into the fun stuff! Open your template file to begin filling it in

The tutorial below covers:

  • Adding text

  • Adding or replacing images

  • Editing footer

  • Duplicating, rearranging & deleting pages

  • Compressing & saving as PDF

  • Adding clickable links in your ebook (using sejda)

More advanced:

  • Editing in master slide (elements that can't be selected)

  • Changing colors to solid colored elements

Click on placeholder text box and add in your own content. You can still freely move around text box or resize as you wish.
  • Drag and drop your image file into the grey placeholder OR click on the placeholder box and select ‘replace’ on the right panel under the Image Tab

  • Adjust Image: Double click on the image. Click on the icon on the left to move image around in the masked area. Move the slider to the left or right to make the image more zoomed in or out. Then click done to save placement.

  • Replace Image: Drag another image on to pre-existing image OR click on image and click 'Replace' on the right panel under the image tab


Unfortunately unlike Microsoft Powerpoint, Keynote does not have a build in footer feature. For ebooks that allow space for a footer you will see there is footer text on ONE of the pages. (I recommend you add in the footer after you finished filling out your ebook template right before you’re ready to save as a PDF)

  • Fill out your footer text in the footer text box placeholder.

  • Then select text and copy (Command + C) or right click and select copy

  • Then go through each page and paste (Command + V) or right click and paste. Luckily Keynote remember the placement of the text from the previous page so it will paste in the exact spot. 

  • Alternatively you can simply delete the footer placeholder text if you wish to not have a footer.

  • Duplicate Pages: Right click on any page template and select 'Duplicate’

  • Rearrange Pages: Click and hold page and drag to rearrange order

  • Delete Pages: Right click on any page and select 'Delete' 

*I do not recommend using 'add slides' feature as some elements do not appear*

  • Compress File: File> Advanced > Reduce File Size > Reduce

  • Save as Ebook: File > Export To > PDF. Choose your desire Image Quality then click Next and Export.


It's very simple to add clickable links into your ebook once you have saved your final PDF. Links are perfect to add to your connect with me page to make it easier for your reader to visit your social media handles or your final call out text. We also have our T3 Ebook Template that includes buttons throughout the ebook (this is great for affiliate links).

  • I love using

  • Click "Upload PDF file"

  • Select the Link Tool and drag a box over buttons or social media text.

  • After you finish click save at the bottom and then download!


You may notice a few elements that can not be selected or move on the page these elements can only be edited in the Master Slide (which is like the backend of the template) It’s very simple to access.

  • Select your page and on the right hand side click 'Edit Master Slide’

  • Then you are free to move, resize, change color to any elements that couldn’t be accessed before.

  • After you are finished click 'Done’ at the bottom in blue. The elements will have updated in your ebook

  • Click on the coloured shape

  • Click on Fill on the right hand panel and then choose desired color. If you find that you can’t select a certain object then refer to the step above in 'Editing in Master Slide' 


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