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These are your entry level products. Ebooks serve a variety of purposes. You can sell them as a stand alone product or even as a free promotional tool. You can offer ebooks for free to build an email list and stay in touch with your audience.



Freelancer Launch Kit

Offer your clients services such as coaching, training or whatever your expertise might be. These templates include pricing guides, proposal templates and information packs. Make a great first impression with professional, branded freelancer templates. 



Online Course.

This can be your premium or supporting product. You can offer solutions to problems your audience may be facing through training and inform them through coaching courses. You can explore topics with your audience or clients in a more in-depth way. Create printable worksheets to accompany your course.



Social Media.

Connect with your audience while building brand awareness. You will find templates for Instragram post, stories, pinterest posts, social media banners, story icons. Everything you need to make an impact across all major social media platforms. 



Online Businss Starter Kit.

This is your online business in a box. If you are excited to get started right away, these kits have everything you need to hit the ground running. Inside you will find an book template, course templates, social media tools and a few bonus resources specific to your niche. Customise everything to match your brand and get started right away! It couldn't be any easier. 

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Don't know where to begin?

Getting started can be the hardest part. We made a neat little worksheet to answer all your questions and help set up your freelance business. Download our Freelance Foundation worksheet and get 15% off your first order!